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Forgiveness For Results 

Forgiveness is  a positive action you do for yourself - to free yourself from carrying the pain of past experiences which continue to cause feelings of anger and distrust. True forgiveness is usually a process rather than a one-time event. If you are troubled by negative experiences which you have happened to you, you have very good reasons to feel the way you do. 

Marital Infidelity
It's certainly a shock to discover that the person whom you have trusted has betrayed your trust. It makes you question your entire relationship, and how you can move forward with happiness, always wondering if it will happen again. 

Relationship Breakup 
The immediate reaction to your partner, whom you have loved, ending your relationship, is profound grief, loss, and rage. Your entire world has come crashing down. For many, getting stuck in nonforgiveness seems like the only way to hang onto the loved partner who is now gone. 

Childhood Abuse - Parental - Sibling - Trusted Caregivers
Violations - sexual, emotions, physical - from childhood usually cause profound disruptions in adult life in terms of the ability to forgive the past and move on because the violations happened before you really understood why were being treated in unloving ways. The desire to hold onto nonforgiveness and rage often appears the only way to regain the lost self-esteem and respect you were and are so worthy of. 

Betrayal of Trust
Betrayal of Trust can happen with anyone whom you have trusted and believed in. It can happen with a parent, a partner, a sibling, a teacher, a friend, a coach. The shock of discovering that the person you have trusted has turned on you leads to deep feelings of anger, grief, and loss. Getting stuck in nonforgiveness can keep you stuck in the past, and unable to move forward so that you can continue to enjoy your life. 

Toronto-based Forgiveness Expert, Andrea J Moses, M.S.W., of Forgiveness Toronto has over 30 years of experience helping people, just like you, resolve anger, rage, and nonforgiveness issues that seemingly appear impossible to resolve. This is because Andrea works with the deeper unresolved emotional issues that keep the nonforgiveness in place. Once you resolve the deeper issues, you are freed to forgive from your heart, not because it is the right thing to do, but because you feel resolved. 

I invite you to call for a free consultation to discuss your challenging experiences and what is important to you.  


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