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The Forgiveness Dialogue is a process that will help you transform your feeling powerless and unhappy, to feeling powerful, strong, and confident. The Forgiveness Dialogue was created in 2004 by Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W., a Toronto-based Forgiveness Expert, and has helped adults resolve the full range of forgiveness issues - marital infidelity, relationship breakup, childhood abuse, betrayal of trust in both childhood and adult life - and to make pround shifs in their lives. 

The Forgiveness Dialogue works for everyone who wants to discover what is holding them back from moving forward from a profound unhappy shock in their life to feeling happy and at peace. It begins with clarifyiing what emotions and events lie beneath the anger and the rage that arises after a wrongdoing has been experienced.

The goal at the start is to clarify why you feel upset, and what the unhappy events mean for you.  The next step is to identify your feelings about yourself - what you have not forgiven yourself for. This can relate to seeing the signs, and not acting on them, to feeling shame, guilt, or grief in having experienced the occurences. 

In working with The Forgiveness Dialogue, you will experience a profound validation of your feelings. You will feel supported, and valued. You will have an opportunity to identify and release your pent-up feelings. As well, you will discover subconscious agreements which caused you to make the choices you made, and to end up experiencing what you did.  

The Forgiveness Dialogue concludes with creating a Vision of what you want in your life, and the steps you need to take to get there. The changes in working through the forgiveness process are amazing. Check out our Testimonial page, and call for a free consultation concerning the forgiveness issues you are dealing with. 

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