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Testimonials of Toronto-Based Forgiveness Expert, Andrea J Moses, M.S.W.

Marital Infidelity 

I was the bad guy in this one. I wasn't getting along with my partner, and an office romance suddenly took on a life of its own. I felt horrible in cheating on my wife, but I was so unhappy. I somehow justified it, thinking that I deserved to be happy to. 

I came in to see you because of my guilt. You were completely nonjudgmental, and explained that my actions were my freewill choice, and asked me if I felt happy with my choices. Well I wasn't, and this caused me to embark on a journey of self-discovery. 

The end result was that I made the decision to end the romance, and begin the work of reconciling with my wife. The key was forgiving myself for betraying my wife and my children. It took work to love and accept myself, and be ready to ask for forgiveness. But when I did, I did it from my heart. I am happy to say that my marriage is stronger than ever. 

Tom S.

Marital Infidelity 

It was a shock to discover that my prince charming had a life that I knew nothing about. The signs were there right from the start, but I chose to ignore them. I love my husband, and although all my friends told me to leave him, I felt staying and working it out was the right thing to do. 

It was a process to heal. However, The Forgiveness Dialogue really helped me discover the truth about why I chose to marry my husband, and why I ended up ignoring the negative signs. It is amazing how much I learned about myself. 

In the end, I was able to forgive my husband because I had transformed from a victim into an empowered woman. We have renegotiated our relationship to be one of respect and mutual honoring. Although I wouldn't have consciously chosen for this to have happened, i know I wouldn't be the strong woman I am today without having gone through the process. Thank You .

Linda J. 

Relationship Breakup 

All I felt was rage when my boyfriend broke up with me. I just couldn't believe it. I had really thought he was there for me. The Forgiveness Dialogue really helped me.  It guided me to discover why I ended up becoming dependent on a man who did care about my well-being. This brought up my childhood, living with alcoholic parents, and the suffering I endured as a result.

I needed to work through a lot of grief and shame before I started to feel empowered. In time, I was able to create a new vision for what I wanted in my life. As you said, I had to transform into a strong person in my own right before I was able to attract the right partner.

My life has changed so much, not just in my relationship, but in my career. I have made peace with the past. I feel blessed that I am free from a man whom I had hooked up with with "eyes wide shut."  Thank you for your kind understanding and support. 

Alison D.

Childhood Abuse 

had an extremely abusive childhood, with both parents treating me in extremely unloving ways. As a result, all I felt was rage, hate, and nonforgiveness. Before coming to see you, I hadn't realized that by holding the rage, I was keeping myself a victim and stuck in the past, a time when I had no power to create a happy life. 

We worked with both the Healing Dialogue and the Forgiveness Dialogue, and both were so powerful in helping me validate my truth, and take my own side. Over time, I was able to let that rage go, and connect to my feelings of grief and sadness at the neglect, and my longing for love. 

Working with you, Andrea, has really changed my life. I have come to know my own power. I feel like I am in the driver's seat of my own life, and I feel very happy and blessed. Thank You!

Carl R.

Childhood Abuse

I never had considered that I had unfinished business from my childhood until we began sessions. When we began, I thought my childhood was great. What I had come in to work on was my huge anger toward my boss whom I felt that betrayed me. As the sessions progressed, I came to see that there was a pattern of rage toward all my bosses who ended up betraying me. However, I had never made the connection to my childhood anger toward my mother until working with you. 

During the course of the sessions, we worked with the Forgiveness Dialogue to explore what my anger was about. I hadn't realized that beyond my conscious awareness, my mom had made me feel trapped and powerless, with my having to cater to her most of the time to keep the peace. My dad was a passive man, and rarely intervened to protect me. 

As a result of working with the Forgiveness Dialogue, I came to forgive the events that had unfolded at the workplace. Because of my anger toward my mom, I hadn't realized that I, in fact, had played a large part in the reason why things hadn't worked out in my career. I learned what I was doing wrong, and what I needed to do to achieve my desired goals. Many thanks for all the awareness that changed the course of my career. 

Roberta C. 

Betrayal of Trust 

I was a bit embarassed to come in to see you because I just couldn't get over what I thought was something that shouldn't have bothered me so much. A friend of 20 years had betrayed my trust by suddenly dropping me out of her life. I thought I shouldn't have made such a big deal about it, but I just couldn't get over it. I started to become obsessive, reading her social media page many times in the day. I couldn't concentrate at work. I was in a constant state of shock and powerless rage. 

It took about 2 months to get over it, but I did. The Forgiveness Dialogue really helped me see that I had many unresolved issues that I was avoiding by focusng on the betrayal.  The process with you really opened up my life to who I am. I am very grateful  that this seemingly catastrophic event directed me to really heal my life. Thank You, Andrea. 

Evelyn J. 

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