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TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE NOW provides the practical guidance to make profound life changes. It will guide you to look within to change the blueprint of your life at the source. Learning through the stories of people just like you, who experienced painful emotional challenges, you will expand your awareness of yourself and what you need to do to open up your life, and forgive.

When you are stuck in being unable to forgive, there are usually deeper emotions that are contribuing to your inability to forgive - hurt - anger - shame - self-blame. TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE NOW provides great clarity concerning why you feel the way you do, and how to heal the source issues so you can free yourself to forgive. 

$24.95 - email for ordering. 

EMOTIONAL RESCUE offers a blueprint for creating deep-level change. It provides eye-opening information concerning the source of life challenges and the emotional pain which contributes to the inability to forgive. It is a companion resource to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE NOW, providing the steps you can take to heal your forgiveness issues. As an ongoing resource to deal with life's challenges, EMOTIONAL RESCUE will serve you well. 

$23.95 - email for ordering. 

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